Weaving ethically sourced, Australian grown wedding flowers into your love story is a celebration of your love for each other and the planet. 

At Poppy & Fern, we make planning your sustainable wedding as easy, and as magical, as the big day itself. 

From simple intimate weddings to elaborate festivals of love, we go beyond the beautiful to transform your wedding venue with rambling floral arrangements that feed the eyes and soul.  

Our Designs

At Poppy and Fern we’re inspired by nature, the seasons, and what’s blooming in The Field. 

We speak the language of colour, painting weddings with crisp whites, grey-green, amber hues, vibrant reds, dusky pinks or ochre yellows. 

We use a unique selection of seasonal flowers, leaves, foliage, herbs and dried botanicals to create rhythm and movement in bridal bouquets, bridal party arrangements, cake flowers, venue installations and overhead canopies. 

Each flower has a story and we give them room to shine while creating an abundant and magical space for you to celebrate your love for your favourite human.

Our Blooms

Wherever possible we use flowers grown here in our Field or we will source them locally to truly infuse your love day with the spirit of Byron Bay. By the end of 2020, we aim to be growing 90% of the flowers for our weddings in our Field. 

 When we source florals, we always choose, sustainable locally grown flowers. Not only are they fresher, brighter and more fragrant, they’re also better for the earth and our brides than imported varieties.

It starts with a connection

Like all great relationships, we like to start with curiosity, openness and honesty. 

We take our time to delve deep into your wildest dreams for your wedding day. Usually, we work with our conscious brides and grooms for 6 – 12 months. 

We talk, we vision, we design. Together. Because this is your big day, and we want you to love it.